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Space Analysis is a company founded by Geographic Information Systems(GIS) experts, aviation specialists and a photographer who's mission is to provide high quality and affordable 2D and 3D spatial data using advanced imaging techniques.


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Photogrammetry and Lidar - Exclusive only in the Space Analysis 3D and 360 Gallery

Simple solutions for capturing reality

"Their drone captured all of the necessary images and data within
just a few hours of flying time, and the models produced
from the data are truly impressive."

-Rusty LaFrance (Farmer)

"...that bathroom capture is AMAZING. Nice work."
-Vince Kadlubek (CEO of Meow Wolf)

"Will Byrne was incredibly speedy when we needed additional ArcGIS hands for an engineering project. I have known Will for a few years now and he is a professional in the drone and data space. Creative thinker and problem solver. Thanks again Space Analysis."
-Jes Chosid (Reign Maker Drones)

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